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What we do

ToHonesty will connect clients with professional and highly skilled partners who can help restore your digital assets to you, the legal owner, even if you do not have the keys.

This will come as a surprise to most people with knowledge of digital assets. The narrative says “not your keys, not your coin” to mislead you into believing if you don’t have the keys you can no longer access the coin. This is misinformation. Your property, by law, is still owned by you even if you have lost the keys.

Owning digital assets is the same as owning any other kind of property in the eyes of the law. As a digital asset  owner you are a legal person with property rights, not a digital private key. 

Keys alone do not mean ownership. Your ownership is enshrined in the law when you can link your identity with the property in question, as it always has been. Digital assets are no different to every other kind of property.

Possession of keys is a part of this of course. But keys only give you the technical ability to spend the assets. Keys do not make you the legal owner. If you only have possession of the keys, but are are not the legal owner and you try to spend the asset, everyone knows what that means in law.

To spend the assets and remain within the law you must be the legal owner first and foremost. If you’ve lost your assets in any way Tohonesty can help you recover them through your position of legal ownership.

We will process your case entirely on this basis. Please find more detail in our Terms of Business here.

Who are we?

Robin Smith – Founder

Robin has been in high tech his entire career, more than 35 years. Most recently in cyber security. He started to follow digital assets near its inception in 2010 when a colleague asked him for help building Bitcoin mining nodes. And picked it up again in 2021 as he saw the remarkable rise in its price. His investigations showed most digital assets are wide open for scams and fraud, largely because regulators and the law are lagging behind. He also recognised that the tech is not good enough to protect owners from accidental loss. And these 2 factors are what led him to creating this business – the restitution of your lost or stolen digital assets. You can find out more about Robin’s track record on Linkedin

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