Tohonesty will help restore Bitcoin to its legal owner.

Where does the name come from? Think about a toast, to the honesty of people who understand though not perfect, we can turn to the law for protection of our property rights.

The intent of our business is to reclaim your Bitcoin lost under the following circumstances

  • accidentally: lost private key, seedphrase, passphrase or wallet file
  • estate management: where no instructions were left for access
  • stolen: from hacked exchanges, computers or appropriated illegally in any way
  • any other form of loss

Why am I being told “not your keys, not your coin?”


Bitcoin has been going for over ten years. During that time a narrative has developed which tells you that if you are not in possession of your keys, you no longer own your Bitcoin. That is all. It’s pure misinformation. Do not believe it.

Ownership matters in the end

We are experts on the Bitcoin protocol. If you ask we can show you very quickly that possession of keys, is not ownership. And its ownership that matters in the end.

Imagine your car keys were stolen and in the possession of someone else. You still own the car legally. The law as always can put that straight. There is absolutely nothing special about Bitcoin.

Bitcoin makes protection of property easier

The beauty of the Bitcoin system is restitution and remediation of property to its rightful owner is so much more certain than with other property. This does not mean you should take less care of your property next time.

Lost Bitcoin Total Market Size

Professional research indicates about 20% of all Bitcoin currently distributed, has been ‘lost’. By lost we mean owners believe it is lost because they no longer have access to either their wallet by losing their passphrase or seedphrase. Or the private key associated with the Bitcoin.

Chainalysis, a research firm that analyzes activity across different cryptocurrency markets, estimates that between 2.78 and 3.79 million, or between 17 and 23 percent of all bitcoins have been lost.


Tohonesty Database – Useful Data Points

  • This amounts to about US$73 Billion at today’s Bitcoin Core price (13 Oct 22).
  • This is the total amount of Bitcoin available for recovery. If you have lost your Bitcoin, it will come out of this number.
  • The largest Lost Coin Owner is about US$1.9 Billion.
  • A theoretical representative action for accounts from the Mt. Gox exchange hack could recover up to 850,000 Bitcoin or US$15 Billion.
  • Our LCR database shows the top 10 Lost Coin Owners are valued at about US$4 Billion. There will be tens of thousands of small owners.
  • Our LCR database has already captured about 12% of the total Bitcoin distributed. And nearly 60% of estimated lost Bitcoin.

Note: Unless otherwise stated, Tohonesty uses Bitcoin Core (BTC) as a reference blockchain, because it has by far the largest number of lost coins.