Drug dealer loses €52m in Bitcoin after CAB seizure

A drug dealer has forfeited Bitcoin cryptocurrency worth €52m to the Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) after the High Court ruled that it was the proceeds of crime. The CAB secured a freezing order on the Bitcoin to ensure it could not be removed from its wallet without the court’s approval.

Bitcoin Recovery Program

The program is called LCR as in Lost Coin Recovery. Once registered, we can help you decide what happens next and what the process will broadly look like. It is likely to take time. Peace of Mind Our programs intend to re-assign Bitcoin you legally own to new addresses. You will be in possession of… Continue reading Bitcoin Recovery Program

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Lost Bitcoin Total Market Size

Professional research indicates about 20% of all Bitcoin currently distributed, has been ‘lost’. By lost we mean owners believe it is lost because they no longer have access to either their wallet by losing their passphrase or seedphrase. Or the private key associated with the Bitcoin. Chainalysis, a research firm that analyzes activity across different… Continue reading Lost Bitcoin Total Market Size

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Bitcoin Ownership

Why am I being told “not your keys, not your coin?” Misinformation! Bitcoin has been going for over ten years. During that time a narrative has developed which tells you that if you are not in possession of your keys, you no longer own or can spend the Bitcoin. That is all. It’s pure misinformation.… Continue reading Bitcoin Ownership

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